Outdoor Activities

Chattanooga has so many outdoor activities. In this list we provide you some of our favorite activities around Chattanooga. Our Outdoor Activities page provides you a short list of our most popular trails and hikes around town.

From basic trails to more complex hiking and biking, Chattanooga Outdoors is full of excitment and journeys to enjoy.

Enjoy these trails and outdoor spots with the family or friends or just by yourself. Chattanooga trails are amazing for any size party!

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Views & Photo Spots

Ever wanted that "Kodac Moment"? Chattanooga is filled with spots and locations where pictures are breath-taking.

We have compiled a list of locations in Chattanooga where so many locals and tourists love to go to take that once in lifetime shot. Whether it be on the mountains or by the river.

There is definitely a place for everyone to enjoy and take those pictures that are exactly what they wanted. From graffiti and street art to overlooks and mountain tops, we definitely have it all.

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Out & About

Chattanooga is full of adventure and uniqueness. There is definitely something for everyone here!

If there's one thing we know, is everyone has to eat... right? Sometimes indulge in a little sweet treat or maybe an adult beverage...

We have put together local Chattanooga spots to go to for food, fun, drinks, and entertainment. Whether it be some seasonal events or year round places for that are a must visit.

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From local boutiques to larger department stores Chattanooga Shopping is definitely exciting and diverse.

Our list is mostly boutiques and local stores that are locally owned and operated. We know that we all spend some time in department stores, so we provided a list of where you can find some of the larger chain stores.

While Chattanooga may seem small, we have all the stores and shopping that you would find in larger cities.

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Neaby Cities & Road Trips

Chattanooga is conveniently located to many nearby major cities. Click on any city to get some basic info.

Some of those cities that are within a two hour drive of Chattanooga are; Northwest of Chattanooga we have Nashville, TN. Northeast we have Knoxville, TN. Also Northeast of Chattanooga, we have Pigeon Forge, TN. South of Chattanooga we have Atlanta, GA. Also, Southwest of Chattanooga we have Huntsville, AL. South of Hunstville is Bermingham, AL.

If you are willing to drive a couple hours more, you have beaches and many more major cities and tourist places.

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Housing Market

Chattanooga Real Estate is unique. Unlike many other cities, Chattanooga is still affordable while providing amenities that all the major cities that surround it do.

As we are sure you have gathered by now, Chattanooga is an amazing place to live. So are you thinking of making the move?

Let us help you find your Chattanooga home. Click on the link below to search properties. If you have any questions you can also CONTACT US directly and we will get back with you soon.

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